High Speed Motors & Actuators 

Airex engineers design and manufacture linear motor and actuators that offer extreme accuracy & repeatability. Our efficient motors and actuators reduce cogging and overheating to deliver the appropriate amount of force, directly proportional to the current of any application.

Why Airex?

Airex has been manufacturing iron core and ironless linear motors for over 70 years. We are able to create the highest quality linear actuators and motors on the market with our unique technology. All of our electromagnetic linear actuator and motor components provide high-force responses and fast settling, all while maintaining minimal heat rise. Under demanding applications, our linear actuators and motors offer unmatched speed and accuracy. Each of our linear motors and acutators are customizable and we have an expert team of engineers to help determine which is the best fit for your needs:

  • Iron Core Linear Motor I38, 170, I100
  • Ironless Linear Motors P-Series and C-Series
  • Rotary Motors

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How Are These Coils Integrated?

Airex’s linear motors are built with a patented coil winding technology that ensures precision. All of our components are suitable for various demands, across various industries, including:

  • Precision Stages
  • Photonics Platforms
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Pick-and-place Systems
  • Inspection Systems That Require Exceptionally Responsive Control At High Bandwidths
  • + More

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