Life Sciences, Solar and Photonics

solar and photonics

Airex patented motor technology may go back decades, but our progressive engineering techniques and passion for exactitude keep us current and always looking ahead at emerging technologies. The fields of genetics, biology, solar energy and photonics also require components that perform to the highest degree of accuracy. The science and photonics industries utilize both ironless and iron core linear motor technology. Our motor and actuator  technologies are also key in a variety of systems such as machining, pick-and-place, and inspection systems. Our designs complement your automated processes that require precise control at high bandwidths.

We also discovered our linear motors were the perfect way to harness the waves in the ocean to generate power.

Benefit from Airex Expertise

When some people consider the performance of a linear motor they may think, “Bigger, better, faster”, but that’s not always the solution for top performance. The most challenging aspect of linear motor performance is to hold one position completely at rest, without heating. That’s critically important in the sciences, for applications like sample reading and development. Using a motor to move, settle and process microscopic photos rely on stability without significant fluctuations in temperature. Any fluctuation or any movement in the microscope significantly compromises the quality of an image. Our electromechanical motor expertise is key to the accuracy of scientific advancements.

Career Highlights

  • Airex engineers developed and manufactured linear actuators to optimize copper form-and-fill factors for cryogenic coolers.
  • The linear motion technology developed by our in-house engineers allows for extreme accuracy and maintaining the motor’s temperature, which is important in testing phases where temperature fluctuation or cross coupling could negatively impact results.

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