Propelling Our Partners

The Airex sweet spot is developing unique, high-quality electromagnetic designs that perform on a par with the most complex, unparalleled machines in the world for both military and commercial markets. Our customers rely on us for top-quality, ultra-precision linear and rotary actuators that are customized to meet the technical challenges of their application.  

One seminal company moment was a partnership that utilized our motor technology to double the usable surface space on a semiconductor wafer.
Off-the-shelf motors cannot compete with the performance of our customized components and, chances are, present a compromise to your application.

For example, Airex components:

  • Enable imaging on unmanned deep-space missions
  • Provide unprecedented positioning and speed control in diamond turning and grinding
  • Facilitate ultra-smooth, vibration-free motion for extremely high-resolution lithography
  • Convey electrically-isolated images for invasive medical devices

We furnish custom manufactured high-end motors that incorporate design, customization, and process improvements to fit the application. We can save our customers much of the extensive R&D investment due to decades of work we’ve completed for the military, medical device, semiconductor, life science and other industries.

Commercial motor customers can easily order directly from us after browsing product specifications. However, most of our customers request – and we deliver – engineering consultations for our C-, I- and P-Series motors to ensure a precise fit for their existing and/or expanding applications.

In most cases, Airex customers need features such as::

  • Extreme accuracy
  • Uniformity & repeatability
  • Motor Efficiency
  • Consistent quality
  • Absolute reliability
  • Thermal stability

These traits are delivered from a clean, organized production environment staffed by expert engineers, designers and manufacturers. You will experience exceptional customer service from the first phone call or email inquiry through to the delivery of a customized ready-to-install component.


We are a longtime partner for aerospace and space flight advances that include electromechanical motors, actuators and transformers used in the latest aircraft and unique interplanetary missions.

Medical Device

Airex’s unique transformer assemblies assist in invasive medical devices such as patient catheterization, while motor designs power bone saws and bone drills.


Our history of service to the U.S. military goes back decades and advances to the forefront of drone aircraft systems and strategic missile programs.


Airex custom actuators assist in manufacturing devices such as the one you are using right now to read this sentence.

Life Sciences, Solar & Phototonics

Our components are the ideal solution for actuators in pick and place robotics, precision stages and photonics platforms using fast steering mirrors and optical positioning devices.

Custom fabrications for linear motors

Airex DC linear motors are three-phase devices that travel long distances with precision. Better, they can adapt to fit your specific requirements. Configuration changes range from moving magnet tracks to bolt placement, cord additions and other parameters that can be customized to fit your needs simply and quickly.

Our linear motor quality is unmatched. The coils are wound and formed robotically, as opposed to a combination of hand work on machine tools typical of other manufacturers. This insures the highest degree of unit-to-unit uniformity and the highest copper fill in the industry. CNC machines produce our formed coil, which is fully connected and tested by automated systems. Injection molding assures a standardized thermal path for each coil. Full traceability is provided to MRP through the build to final testing. Brackets are attached that are highly customized to the customer application.

We keep a database of all testing for statistical analysis. A full burn-in insures each motor is heated to its highest operating temperature while it’s under test, and the cooling rate on a known heat sink is monitored. Evaluation during thermal cycles allows us to identify and eliminate any deviations or flaws in the manufacturing process. The motor is traceable to the full data package so we are able to evaluate any implementation questions.

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