Semiconductor Strategists

Airex serves aerospace markets

Airex patented motor developments have been deployed in equipment designed to essentially double the usable surface space on semiconductor wafers. Our linear motors and positioners have been applied in systems highly tuned to nanometers of accuracy – essentially to a hundred millionth of an inch – to increase the performance value of surface space on a wafer to around 98%. Our motors guide the positioning of wafers within various stages of processing. 

The development of our C-series motors allowed semiconductor producers to reach the far corners of the wafers, thereby expanding accuracy in manufacturing. C-series also is instrumental in pick and place applications where tiny components are deployed or tested.

These motors support manufacturing that powers hundreds of advanced technology products such as handheld devices and other smart technology. Motor performance, including positioning, settling and heating, can be equally important to speed in semiconductor production when extreme accuracy is the goal versus the quickness of manufacture. The in-house design of our robotic winding machines allows us to achieve the highest attainable degree of accuracy in positioning conductors, leading to best-in-class production motors for the semiconductor industry. 

Airex magnetic suspensions also support optical guidance and focusing for high-resolution lithography.

Airex serves military markets

Benefit from Airex Expertise

In the semiconductor world, thermal changes in the manufacturing environment can result in catastrophic defects in the delicate silicon chips. One partner challenged us to solve the problem of temperature fluctuation, no matter how slight. In response, our team developed a motor to operate within plus or minus one-degree Fahrenheit, improving the success rate in the production of semiconductor chips.

Career Highlights

  • Our patented motor design maximizes useable output power, enabling the motor to maintain top performance during high duty cycle operations, which is essential to producing wafers for semiconductor chips.
  • Team Airex developed an ironless linear motor with a reduced settling time and low velocity ripple that can operate at extremely low speeds without heating.
  • Pick and place systems utilize Airex motors for placement, inspection and testing in semiconductor PCB populations.
  • Airex actuators were designed and developed to apply targeted adhesive to facilitate shock loading on personal devices. Move profiles for acceleration, dither, shake, vibration and speed were critical component attributes for the success of this program.

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