The Airex C-Series motors provide a low overall height and are ideal for compact or micro stages. Airex linear motors are thinner than most of our competitors’ motors, but still offer you top performance and superior settling.

  • The Airex C10 is the industry’s most-precise, ultra-low profile ironless linear motor, offering high performance within a thin 10.2 mm (.4”) profile
  • Excellent position control for low force applications
  • Low time constant enables great velocity control
  • Superior point-to-point settling time due to our patented coil technology
  • Lowest height model in the motor family
  • Continuous forces up to 33.6N (7.6 lb), peak forces up to 67 N (15.1 lb)
  • Ideal for profiling, wafer inspection and low force, constant velocity applications
  • Thin 12.8 mm (0.5”) profile, offering excellent control at low velocity and superior point-to-point settling time due to our patented coil technology
  • Reduced magnetic flux leakage
  • Improved thermal path allows increased continuous power operation
  • Low-profile design ideal for use in miniature equipment
  • Continuous forces up to 40.9N (9.2 lb), peak forces up to 82N (18.4 lb
  • Highest force option in C-Series family
  • Thin 3mm (0.5”) profile
  • 13 x 64 mm cross-section
  • Superior point-to-point settling time due to our patented coil technology
  • High-force motor with low-profile design
  • Continuous forces up to 71.4N (16 lb), peak forces up to 143N (32.1 lb)

The magnet track is supplied with counter-bored through holes, while the motor coil has provision for either side or top mount. A high-flex 5-conductor shielded cable provides connections for your pre-specified delta or wye connection and thermal sensor connection. Thermal monitoring is included via a specified PTC or NTC thermistor. The motor coil is available with four modular coil lengths, each longer length offering increased force and power ratings.

Iron Core family of products

C-Series features

  • Aircraft-quality aluminum and premium steel components
  • Ironless zero-cogging design provides low velocity ripple and fast settling
  • No maintenance, non-contact brushless design and no magnetic preload
  • High accuracy and repeatability, zero backlash, low heating
  • Custom options (thermal sensors, cabling, vacuum/clean room preparation) available
  • Simple installation – top/side mount coil and side mount tracks
  • World-class force density in an ultra small package size with cogless, brushless operation
Airex serves military markets

Coil options

  • Standard Coil lengths are dash 1 through dash 4
  • Delta or Wye connection
  • P or N thermistor
  • Cable length and list of specials: LMC-C10 (order code breakdown)
  • C10 for lowest height
  • C12 for low height and lower magnetic leakage
  • C16 for increased force without needing thickness of P-Series
  • Coil lengths in dash numbers of 1, 2, 3 or 4 available in single package
  • Delta or wye connection
  • PTC or NTC thermistor
  • Cable length standard is 1.8m (72″) 

Standard magnet track lengths are: 7.2″, 9.6″, 12″, and custom lengths are available: LMST-C10 (order code breakdown)

Customizations (not limited to)

  • Custom mounting holes
  • Extra threaded holes
  • Vacuum prep
  • Cleanroom prep
  • Special cable

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