Aerospace Ally

Airex serves aerospace markets

Airex history with aerospace programs reaches back decades, and we’ve been involved in some classic project partnerships. One company highlight was engineering, designing and developing a wound-magnetic assembly for gyro motors used in advanced air-to-air missile systems. More Airex magnetics power the guidance systems used exclusively in Blackhawk and Chinook Helicopter flight systems. Our partnership with the aerospace industry includes engaging in feasibility studies to determine design optimization for custom components. We know that with many projects the design life is coupled to the limited energy available to power components. The feasibility study is an integral part of our design process before we move on to prototypes, pre-production and final production activities.

Heat and heat generation are critically important attributes to consider for motors in the aerospace industry. Anytime you generate heat, you lose energy. Our motors run at a lower operating temperature than most available motors, due to the copper density in the electromagnetic circuit. Motor efficiency is essential in an industry where power is at a premium, which is where our winding technology excels.

We created our own robotic winding machines to wind coils for critical applications in aerospace. These began with gear-driven machines in the 1960’s because no one produced a winding machine with positioning and flexibility applicable to the unique types of coils required in electromagnetic designs. The latest generation of Airex machines use optical sensors in closed-loop servo systems controlling precision stages that feature our own best-in-class linear motors.

Another aerospace project involved a low-outgassing application. Mounting surfaces on aerospace products are vented so they do not trap air. Airex provides the required outgassing vents.

Physics are elemental to Airex designs because aerospace products are often limited on voltage, yet they still need to move a certain payload at a precise rate. We do the calculations to determine solutions that will perform flawlessly in long-term missions hundreds of millions of miles from the planet. 

Airex serves military markets

Benefit from Airex Expertise

Our team is responsible for the advanced component design and manufacturing of several high-performance gyro programs, such as the AMRAAM and Cruise Missile Program. Airex’s advanced manufacturing of electromagnetic components from transformers to voice coils to motor assemblies to active magnetic bearing systems can reduce vibration in airborne platforms such as targeting systems or aircraft surveillance systems.

Our partnerships with universities have advanced aerospace technologies. An example is the augmentation of satellite antenna pointing systems modeled on MILSTAR requirements, which utilized our patented magnetic bearing technology.

We have also participated in space flight advances by providing components enabling inter-planetary programs via flight unit evaluations and optical positioning platforms.

Cassini Saturn mission

Career Highlights

  • Advanced fighter jets benefit from Airex designed and developed torque motors deployed in tens of thousands of gyro motors.
  • Helicopter guidance systems utilize long life Airex components for high reliability and extreme accuracy.
  • Missile systems have utilized Airex designed components for fast response and extreme precision over many decades of service.
  • Our team designed and developed magnetic bearing prototypes for satellite antenna pointing systems modeled on MILSTAR requirements in conjunction with Louisiana State University and the University of Kentucky.
  • The Mission to Planet Earth program utilized Airex low-cogging motors for Jet Propulsion Laboratory systems analysis and flight unit evaluation.
  • Our space flight-quality transformers were a key element of a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center project on the Cassini Mission to Saturn.

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