Magnetic Bearings

Airex blazes new paths in emerging technology around magnetic bearings that exceed a variety of industry requirements. Lorentz and Maxwell magnetic bearing designs are our specialty for both commercial and military/government projects. 

Lorenz and Maxwell technologies combine with motor technology in rotary configuration with inside- or outside-positioned rotors to meet your goals. We continue to develop Lorenz actuators to linear systems, and our objective is to remain at the forefront of this technology. Applications continue to advance for cost-effective, magnetic bearing platforms in both DoD and commercial environments. 

Our rotary magnetic bearings support applications ranging from super-high-speed grinding spindles to precision pointers targeted at laser comm applications for low Earth orbit and higher orbit satellites.

Magnetic Bearings


  • Low speed positioning
  • Super-low velocity ripple
  • Infinite stiffness
  • Scheduled force versus torque
  • Components and systems
  • Rotary and linear configurations
  • Combination motor-bearing technology
  • Integrated sensors
  • Amplifiers and electronic controls
  • Military and commercial applications
  • Hard vacuum applications

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