Linear Motion Products & Technology

The Airex Ironless and Iron Core Linear Motors feature patented coil technology, ideal for: actuators, precision stages, and photonics platforms for “alignment and positioning”, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, pick and place systems, inspection systems, and a variety of other automated processes needing precise control at high bandwidths. Due to our patented manufacturing method, Airex coils provide the highest Km in any similar volume of motor design. Our method insures precision placement of the conductors to provide the highest slot fill in the industry as well as the best thermal path available. High energy rare earth magnets complete the magnetic circuit.

Custom Product Solutions

C-Series Low Profile
Ironless Linear Motors

P-Series High Force
Ironless Linear Motors

Iron Core Linear Motors

Rotary Motors

Voice Coils

Magnetic Bearings

Let our in-house magnetic design capability advance your product to the next level of performance.

About Airex

AIREX is a leading innovator and manufacturer of precision wound components for military and commercial applications - providing best in class solutions.