Precision solutions

Motors that seamlessly integrate into your system

If you require a motor with the highest degree of quality, accuracy and uniformity, you’re in the right place. Airex distinguishes itself by producing a more precise linear motor than other companies are capable of making. How?

The way we approach winding the coil is the heart of our motor; it took years of design iterations to deliver the degree of precision we are able to guarantee. Today, whatever precise functionality your project requires, we can provide that accuracy at the highest quality level at a very competitive cost. The best part of our job is hearing from a potential customer, “We were told this couldn’t be done,” and then we do it.

We manufacture precision-wound components for military and aerospace industries, and for commercial applications such as semicon and medical industries that require top-performance motoring. Our knowledge of advanced material science, patented winding technology and robotic methodology ensures you receive best-in-class linear motors, rotary motors and voice coils in standard or custom configurations.

For example, Airex linear motors have a time constant of 0.2 milliseconds, meaning the motors can respond much faster with far less current. Simply put, we engineer and design the highest-performance product to fit your specific requirements.

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