Voice Coils

Airex is an industry leader in delivering accurate, dependable and cost-effective custom voice coils. Our performance consistency is unmatched in the industry, and our team will partner with you to ensure optimization for your production requirements. Our custom voice coils go into components ranging from cryogenic pumps, to lens focus appliances, to gas analyzers.

Unmatched performance

All Airex voice coils are built to your exact specifications under our AS9100 quality system – from prototypes to medium-volume manufactured products. Our in-house designed voice coil actuators provide consistent performance and optimized integration into the finished product.

We provide a short design cycle and a one-stop solution for system integration to an industry with short product life cycles. We also manufacture a variety of custom voice coil assemblies to customer prints. In these high-precision applications, we utilize inherent knowledge and tooling to meet demanding application requirements with highly-fluctuating demand. These projects are often linked to systems in conjunction with our low-cogging linear and rotary motors where performance is critical to end use.

Iron Core family of products


  • Custom configurations
  • Low inductance coils
  • Low mass coils
  • High-speed performance
  • High-thermal conductivity
  • Strokes from .000001mm to 10mm
  • Moving coil or moving magnet
  • Custom components or assemblies
  • Bearing-less designs
  • Extra large air gap


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