Custom Fabrications and Applications

If you’re looking for an off-the-shelf motor solution, Airex probably isn’t the right fit. Our value proposition is in electromagnetic components:

  • Linear motors
  • Magnetic bearings
  • Actuators
  • Rotary transformers and sensors

Each of these are designed, engineered and produced to the highest degree of accuracy, because that’s what our customers require. That generally begins with a conversation with our expert team of engineers and often results in the refining of systems based around our motor design.

We have perfected automated winding techniques that deliver exceptional accuracy – and we haven’t taken “no” for an answer. We have 70 years of experience in manufacturing and designing electromagnetic components. Airex engineers components to precise military standards for aerospace and defense. Our custom motors and components also meet the critical requirements of the semiconductor and medical device fields. Our rich history becomes a valuable resource when you face production and manufacturing challenges, which thereby reduces both your risk and development time.

Today, we have a series of motors in a range of sizes and functionality that can perform whatever task you need on whatever stage you have in mind. All of our motors are easily customizable, and if that doesn’t meet 100% of your requirements, we’ll design, engineer and build one for you.

Key Solutions Tailored to You

Contract Manufacturing

Our trusted partners require products that deliver the highest degree of performance accuracy and repeatability, which is why we engineer and design to your exact requirements. That may involve customizing one of our existing motors or creating one from scratch.

You have a challenge needing a precise solution that offers permanence in performance, because shutting down production for a day’s time or longer for repairs is too costly a risk.

The strict quality procedures we follow through every aspect of production puts us – and ultimately you – in a higher class. Our decades in the business allow us to nurture wonderful relationships with vendor partners, resulting in an unmatched traceability of raw and finished materials.

Engineering and Design

If our customers require specific specifications that are outside of the scope of our standard motor offerings, we’re happy to engineer a solution from scratch. Airex develops, designs, engineers and manufactures custom solutions for precision-wound components for a variety of industries, spanning both military and commercial applications.  

Our engineered approach to manufacturing ensures the highest degree of accurate performance for your systems, giving you highly repeatable results. One of our specialties is automating the production of custom stators, rotors and coated lamination stacks. Airex’s in-house magnetic design capabilities provide our customers with consistency and the highest quality in their finished products.

Precision Components

If top-precision, zero-maintenance, and compact designs are key to your next fabrications, we’re the perfect partner for your next program. Airex’s deep history with a wide range of precision electromagnetic components serves industries such as aerospace, military, semiconductor, life science, solar and photonics and other demanding markets. Our design, engineering and production experts advance technology via a variety of precision devices and systems involving low-cogging brushless linear and rotary motors, voice coil actuators, magnetic bearings and custom-wound components.

Ready to connect on how Airex can address your specific needs?