Airex utilizes a Thermal Magnetic Finite Element Analysis (MFEA) parametric model to closely match the requirements of our customers’ application. This model outputs a magnetic analysis of the Electromagnetic circuit thereby providing us a tool allowing the optimization of the circuit. The optimization process along with our integrated computer generated Lumped Parameter Models (LPM), and 3D Solid Modeling (3D SM) can provide an optimized solution prior to Prototype or production.

This process begins by entering design input data into a LPM configured for the selected design approach. A parametric model is generated using the LPM output data. This 3D solid model is reviewed for mechanical compatibility with the design concept. Initial coil characteristics are then input to FEA models along with mechanical variables to characterize the magnetic circuit. The resultant characterization of the magnetic path is then iterated through the LPM and the 3D solid model until the coil configuration is optimized to our customer requirements. These interactive models result in an output that insures maximum product performance, as well as prototypes that provide the final design validation. Empirical test data is then put back through the development process to insure the viability of our assumptions, to verify the model and to optimize any of our customer design requirements. These models are based on many years of experience in the development of a variety of magnetic components