P16 Series

Good things come in small packages! With a track width of 19.05 mm and a height of 54.2 mm, the P16 Ironless Linear Motor is a great low-profile motor option with plenty of performance packed in.

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The P16 Ironless Linear Motor features high precision and performance with an ultra-compact 19.05 mm (0.75”) width. The magnet track is supplied with counter bored through holes while the motor coil has provisions for either side or top mount configurations. A high flex 5-conductor shielded cable includes connections for both a delta or wye connected three-phase motor coil and optional positive or negative temperature coefficient thermistor.

This motor is available with four different coil lengths, each with a different force rating. The net travel of a P16 system is equal to the length of the magnet track minus the length of the coil assembly.

Ironless Linear Motor


  • Cross section dimensions of 19.05 mm (0.75”) width by 54.2 mm (2.134”) tall
  • Continuous forces up to186 N (41.9lbf), peak forces up to 589 N (132lbf)
  • High accuracy & repeatability, zero backlash, fast settling times
  • Efficient thermal performance
  • Velocities greater than 3 M/sec, accelerations greater than 5 G
  • No maintenance, non-contact brushless design & zero magnetic preload
  • Sinusoidal or Hall Effect commutation
  • High performance rare-earth magnets
  • Low-inductance coil for fast response
  • Ironless zero-cogging design provides lowest velocity ripple for smoothest velocity and position control
  • Custom options (thermal sensors, cabling, vacuum/clean room quality) available
  • Simple installation – top/side mount coil and side mount tracks up to 24 inches in length
  • Suitable Applications Include:
    • Multi-tiered stages
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
    • Inspection systems
    • Micro-machining equipment
    • Optical scanning devices
    • Laser machining
    • Electrical component testing




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