Airex Corporation’s AS9100 certification identifies our commitment to providing quality products and services. Documented procedures consistent with AS9100 requirements and the Airex Quality Plan have been established, are continually updated and implemented as necessary. We are certified until October 8, 2020.


Our quality plan applies to every aspect of design, manufacture, test, inspection, delivery and administrative duties performed on a daily basis at Airex Corporation. All Airex employees are responsible for quality in all functions of the organization and their individual job description. Each employee is trained in the specific skills appropriate to their task, which will assist them in applying our quality standard.

Both external and internal analysis are utilized in the review of the Airex Quality plan. Each annual review is accomplished via benchmarking of product/quality performance in the marketplace, as well as internal audits and review of the quality system at the organizational level.

The Airex Quality Management System consists of defined procedures, which describe the organization, authority, responsibility and verification activities of Airex to ensure product conformance to specified requirements.

We believe that our approach to quality, both in service to our customers and in the products we produce, provides end users the best opportunity to succeed in the global marketplace.