Iron Core Linear Motor

Patented coil technology coupled with a unique toothless design

Airex Iron Core Linear Motors feature patented coil technology coupled with a unique toothless design. Our manufacturing method for coils ensures precision placement of the conductors to provide the highest slot fill in the industry. These elements provide an exceptional thermal path for heat to dissipate out of the coil, while maintaining a constant and consistent attractive force and fast response times associated with low electrical time constants inherent in toothless motor design. This allows motion platforms to be built less rigidly while maintaining excellent performance. High-energy rare earth magnets complete the magnetic circuit. These motors are ideal for high force actuators in point to point move applications, alignment and positioning platforms, assembly processes, machine tools, laser scribing, and inspection systems requiring precise control and repeatable positioning.

When utilized in a Direct Drive System, our motors eliminate backlash, windup and wear typically associated with ball-screws and rack & pinion high force Linear Motion Systems. These along with the natural zero contact of these motors provides a long life system without part wear.