C10 Series

The Airex C10 Ironless Linear Motor offers precision and high performance within a thin 10.0 mm (0.4”) profile.

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The Airex C10 Ironless Linear Motor offers precision and high performance within a thin 10.2mm (0.4”) profile. The magnet track is supplied with counter-bored through holes, while, the motor coil has provision for either side or top mount. A high flex 5-conductor shielded cable provides connections for your specified delta or wye connected three-phase motor coil. Thermal monitoring is included via a specified PTC or NTC thermistor. The motor coil is available with four modular coil lengths, each longer length offering increased force and power ratings.


  • Compact low profile design, 10.2 mm (0.4”) under-stage height
  • Continuous forces up to 33.6N (7.6lbf), peak forces up to 67 N (15.1lbf)
  • Ironless zero-cogging design provides lowest velocity ripple for smoothest velocity and position control
  • No maintenance, non-contact brushless design & zero magnetic preload
  • High accuracy & repeatability, zero backlash, fast settling times
  • Custom options (thermal sensors, cabling, vacuum/clean room quality) available
  • Simple installation – top/side mount coil and side mount tracks
  • Available in Delta or WYE connections.
  • Ideal for: 
    • Electronic Assembly & Test applications
    • Metrology applications
    • Semiconductor inspection systems
    • Life science applications
    • Constant Velocity Image Scanners & Large-Format Printers
    • Precision Machining systems
    • Optics & Photonics applications

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Coil Order Options: 

  • C10 dash 1, 2, 3 or 4 coil length
  • Delta or WYE connection
  • PTC or NTC thermistor
  • Cable Length standard is 1.8m (72")
  • Magnet Track Length:
  • 7.2", 9.6", 12", or custom length.



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